What is Xanot

Xanot is a kind of XML to Object Mapper. Very similar to what Apache have done with Commons-Digester, it basicaly maps XML data to an object model. The difference compared to Commons-Digester falls to these area:

  • Xanot uses Annotation on the model's classes to build-up its mapping rules. This should makes the model more portable across Xanot enabled applications because the model it self tell how its should be mapped from an xml file.
  • Xanot supports "File System" like xml structure. It allows to map repetitive nested xml elements.

Is xanot can proces xml with structure like file systems (folder contains folder) ?

Yes it can. It can parse through the xml file and correctly map the xml data into provided object model. Even thought the xml have a structure like a file systems.

Who would need xanot ?

Any one who need to map an xml data into an object model could use xanot. The need like procesing xml configuration file is one of a good example.

What is xanot compares to Apache's famous commons digester ?

Well, nobody have provided any information about their head to head comparison between commons digester and xanot. Which one is faster, better or worst. All i know is that xanot is simpler than digester.

I have configured it right. I "think" put all annotations correctly. But xanot still failed to work properly ?

There's so many posibilities for this. Have you add the @XmlSingleProperty to the getter method ? Did you use @XmlAttribute instead of @XmlSingleProperty. Theres too many prosibility.

Is xanot can convert beans to xml as it able to map xml to bean ?

Currently xanot can't do that. But with annotations already sets up. This feature task will be easily implemented. Just wait a little bit longer, its being developed.